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The Bar Code Tracking System that answers the
Who... What... When... & Where
of Facilities Management Operations

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The Watchtec system enables Management to track, monitor and document various activities relating to security patrols, fire safety inspections, maintenance activities, housekeeping activities, vehicle and equipment inspections, and many other user-defined activities.

With the use of state-of-the-art portable hand-held barcode scanners and the unique design of the Watchtec software, our clients can easily track and document ANYTHING, such as:

Operators of Scanners
Contract Vendors Staff
Physical Assets
Inspections that were Performed
Incidents Observed
Discrepancies Observed
Actions to be Performed
Actions that were Performed
Instructions to be followed
and many other User-Defined entities


The WATCHTEC System generates various Activity and System Reports such as:

Activity Reports

Activities by Scanner Operator
Activities by Item
Activities by Location
Exception Activities
Activities by Date/Time

System Reports

Barcode Sheet
Item List
Type List
Code List
Category List


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Who should use the Watchtec System?

Any organization where there is a need to Track, Monitor and Document the answers to the 6 most important questions concerning the activities taking place within and around its physical premises:

Who was the person that performed an activity?
What activity was performed?
When was the activity performed?
Where was the activity performed?
Why was the activity performed?
How... many, much, etc.


Why should you use the Watchtec System?

The Watchtec System is a cost effective solution for management to derive the following benefits:

timely and accurate INFORMATION that allows for improved decision making
increased PRODUCTIVITY of staff
reduced COSTS associated with existing "paperwork"
improved PERSONNEL allocation and assignment
increased ACCOUNTABILITY of staff, assigned equipment, etc.
increased FIRE SAFETY and SECURITY controls for premises
increased CONTROL of assets and property
simple INSTALLATION procedures
fast and easy IMPLEMENTATION of the system
minimal TRAINING of staff


Industries using the Watchtec System

Nursing Homes
Building Management
Hotels and Hospitality
Fire Safety Industry


Contact Information

Call us today and we will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have regarding our system.

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